Podcast 49 Linux Malware Guide

In this Screencast I show you how easy it is to install malware on a Linux box running Gnome or KDE., you can reach me at david at linuxcrazy dot com, or on freenode irc, channel #linuxcrazy.

I have been following the discussion on the gnome developer mailing list here “desktop-devel-list-bounces@gnome.org” and they were talking about the blog post located here; http://www.geekzone.co.nz/foobar/6229

It got me to thinking about all the new Linux users, that with the ease of installation with distros such as Ubuntu I can see this as really working and it is really easy to set up.





To see if root could be easy to gain access on your box as your normal user try;
tail /var/log/messages
Now the test;
sudo tail /var/log/messages

Looks like the developers of KDE have a plan;