Podcast 45 Interview with Sylvain Alain (d2_racing) Gentoo Moderator

In this podcast I interview Sylvain Alain (d2_racing) Gentoo Moderator and Member of the Gentoo-Quebec team. If you have any questions, you can reach me at david at linuxcrazy dot com, or on freenode irc, channel #linuxcrazy.

Gentoo school back at the University Laval in 2005 TuxCafé : http://tuxcafe.org/ The teachers were Laurent Duchesne and Steeve Maltais.

Gentoo-Quebec training:

The Gentoo-Quebec group has offered its first training session about the Gentoo distribution on Saturday 13th, 2008. First of a series of 18, this course enabled 24 participants to familiarize themselves with the Gentoo LiveCD and to briefly learn about the command line utilities involved when installing Gentoo.

This training session was made possible thanks to the Gentoo-Quebec team as well as Copernic, http://www.copernic.com/ which provided a training room and the network installation for all participants. For more information, please consult the Internet web site at the following address (in French): http://gentoo-quebec.org

One of there more advance user's is Mathieu Bélanger nickname : DestroyFx
He is on the Gentoo forum, and also inside the IRC Channel and the Gentoo-Quebec.org forum too.

For the documentation, co-writer is Guy Fontaine Nickname Gfontaine on IRC and on the Gentoo-quebec forum.
On the official Gentoo forum, he uses the nickname aramis_qc.

The school documentation : http://www.gentoo-quebec.org/index.php?page=docs

Gentoo-Quebec Forum : http://www.gentoo-quebec.org/forum/

The Gentoo-Quebec.org team : http://www.gentoo-quebec.org/index.php?page=gq

The current class members!




On a side note I just updated to openrc 0.4.0-r1 and baselayout 2.0.0 . Make sure your follow the great documentation here ; http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/openrc-migration.xml

Also during my big update to ~amd64 I updated to xorg-X11 7.4 and xorg-server 1.5.3 . If you cannot start X because of module version mismatch errors, this is your problem. You can generate a list of all installed packages in the x11-drivers category using this command:
emerge portage-utils; qlist -I -C x11-drivers/