Podcast #9 Asterisk

The Open Source PBX Revolution ...

My .conf files;


Asterisk Answering Machine (wiki)
The link is on the left, Asterisk

Asterisk and AsteriskNow


Asterisk Forum

About IAX2

Asterisk: A Bare-Bones VoIP Example


Convert .wav to .gsm
sox greeting.wav -r 8000 -c1 greeting.gsm resample -ql

Podcast #9 is my very confusing ramblings about my adventure configuring Asterisk, enjoy...



#8 Screencast Video tour of my home network. (Video)

Just a quick tour of my home network, you may get something out of it.
The video plays better if you right click and save it, then play it with mplayer.
-- david


Podcast #7 Happy Holidays and some other useless info...

About me, my home network, the new year and ffmpeg.



Today is the dawn of a new year, the year 2008. Every year, we wish, hope and dream that it will be the year when GNU/Linux will gain critical mass appeal - not that it has failed to significantly widen its base. One of the most endearing aspect of GNU/Linux for me over and above the ideological considerations is that it simply works and I like the people involved. They share the same goal that I do, help others, learn new stuff and most of all have fun.

Podcast #6 Fun with the Gimp (Hackergotchi)

Lets have some fun with the Gimp. First we will create a hackergotchi, which is an avatar of your head. Then we will create our own custom wallpaper.

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