Podcast #18 Interview with Roy Bamford (NeddySeagoon) Gentoo Foundation President


Interview with NeddySeagoon, Gentoo Foundation President and member of the Gentoo Trustees. For some background here is a link to Roy's manifesto;

In this interview Roy gives us the administration take on the state of Gentoo.

dch24 created a transcript of the interview on Gentoo Forums for everybody who prefers reading over listening.

I will try to interview a Council member for the technical side next.



Asterisk and nbsmtp + Gentoo, mysql and Interview Update (video)


I found the program nbsmtp so I could relay asterisk's emails to my isp's mail server. Have some fun and play around with mysql (My Ess Queue Ell) on the command line, an update to my next interview, and random thoughts on Gentoo.

To convert ogg theora to avi;

mencoder 17.ogg -ovc lavc -oac mp3lame -o 17.avi

ogg theora video

avi video


While communication was sent via unofficial means we had intended to project a level of understanding to those actively involved, the update is simple: the untimely and quite unexpected surgical "complication" resulting in the death of my mother has set back a number of schedules, personal/professional/gentoo, for both myself and wolf31o2. We hope developers and users alike can be somewhat sympathetic as the family tries to cope with our loss of this truly dynamic and incredible woman.
As a result, projects involving release engineering, developer relations, and events will be delayed until further notice.

Kind regards,
Christina Fullam
Gentoo Developer Relations Lead | Gentoo Public Relations 

Podcast #16 Podcast Update

Podcast Desk

I have not done a podcast in a few weeks, so just wanted to update everyone on what has been going on. A little about Asterisk and Gentoo. I set up a site for some Asterisk links;

Podcast Update



-- david

Podcast #15 Fluxbox Fun

Tips and tricks for fluxbox


A little how to get Fluxbox looking cool. Go to and follow along as we dress up Fluxbox.


If you have any questions or comments pleasr email me;
david at

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